Class 10

Year 6 classroom teacher

We Are Back!!!

We Are Back!!!

Just when you thought that the summer would never end, this delightful weather could be basked in for longer and school wouldn't return... IT'S BACK! 

Year 6 - just like every year - will be wasting no time in getting all pupils into the swing of things with our new topics throughout the curriculum. With English and Mathematics tacking up a large portion of the timetable as the year progresses, we look forward to our geography and history units. In geography we will be studying weather patterns around the world, while History see's the return of The Blitz and Britain at War. 

Something that may have changed for pupils is the timetable:

In Year 6, P.E takes place on a TUESDAY afternoon and THURSDAY morning. We encourage pupils to have their outdoor kit and indoor kit with them in school on these days. As a mandatory subject in the National Curriculum, P.E is given equal importance to all other subjects in Year 6, meaning we want no pupil to miss out. 

In Year 6, homework is set on a THURSDAY and due on a THURSDAY unless specifically told otherwise by the class teacher. 

We look forward to all pupils being challenged and succeeding this year, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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