Year 3 Curriculum

LiteracyAnthony BrowneRoald DahlShakespeareStories from other countries – Just So stories
Tinga tinga tales
NumeracyPlace value / addition & subtraction / /multiplication & division / times tablesPlace value / addition & subtraction / measures & data / fractions / multiplication & division / time, position & directionPlace value & sequences/ addition & subtraction / multiplication & division / money / shape, data & measures / fractions, decimals, percentages
ScienceAnimals including humansForfces and magnetsRocksPlantsLight
HistoryStone Age to Iron AgeRomansRomans
GeographyCountries around the worldWeather around the worldIn the desertWhere does our food come from
ComputingE-safetyWe are meteorologistsWe are researchers
ArtKey skills / PortraitsTBCTBC
RECreation storiesWhy do people JesusPlaces of worship
DTMoving monstersPhoto framesSandwich snacks
PEFitness FrenzyCool Core (strength)Groovy GymnasticsGymfit CircuitsAfrican DanceBoot Camp
GamesMulti-skillsThrowing and CatchingSkip to the beatBrilliant Ball SkillsMighty Movers (Running)Active Athletics
FrenchGreeting and IntroductionNumbers to 20ColoursDays of the weekPetsSports and Hobbies
PSHEPassionTeam WorkDeterminationSelf BeliefHonestyRespect